Crude Dude Comix

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Obscure early work from 2004 that was out of print UNTIL NOW!

Almost Normal Comics:(Volume #1 review) 200 pages, full size, professional. I'll call this one a huge pragmatist's slaughter book! This thing is 200 pages of stereotypes, racism, black humor, and plenty of social commentary. And all of this is somehow neatly tied into scene after scene of over the top brutality. When I first flipped through this mammoth comic I thought it would be nothing more than a collection of grotesque climatic scenes held together loosely by weak stories. I was wrong. The stories that are strung throughout the 200 pages are very astute observations on life, death, and all the clutter that fills the space in between. And for some reason, and this is probably just me, as I made my way through this book I couldn't help but think how much I would like to break out a box of crayons and start coloring! Oh well, whether you choose to color the pages or not give Crude Dude Comix a look and be sure to heed the words of the magical stoned duck with an afro!